Jaimee Lee

Wellness Facilitator

Jaimee is a certified yoga teacher and has studied a variety of styles for over 23 years, including: Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, and hot (formerly Bikram yoga). After a serious and painful medical event that led Jaimee to end her first career as a voice and piano teacher, she increased her daily yoga practice to cope with chronic pain and other unresolved medical issues. This difficult experience focused Jaimeeā€™s search for meditative and yoga practices that mitigate physical and mental anguish which all human beings cope with at some points in their lives or cope with chronically in their lives.

Jaimee studied and continues to study with distinguished yoga teachers including: Manju Joyc, the foremost expert on therapeutic Ashtanga yoga – (California), Greg Tebb (NYC), Andrea Garcia (Halifax) and Myrta Romberg (Calgary). When creating and employing routines she considers the validity of poses using both ancient medical systems such as Chinese meridian lines and modern scientific research about breathwork and fascia lines. Working as a DLBA Associate, Jaimee endeavors to share yoga knowledge that her students can take and practice with them throughout their whole lives.