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Workplace Learning

Engaging presentations for your team

Our highly trained and credentialed speakers deliver engaging virtual or in-person presentations ranging from 30 minutes to full day events. We can deliver most programs in both English and French. Browse through our latest topics for Workplace Learning.

Burnout & Mental Fitness

We have a variety of relevant topics for both employees and leaders on improving mental health in the workplace. We convey high level science in practical real-life applications to address burnout and improve well being and mental fitness.


Our programs on leadership provide evidence based skills from workplace psychology and clinical psychology to help leaders be more effective, to create more psychologically safe workplaces, and to better support employees mental health and well-being. Current topics include new leadership skills due to the pandemic such as leading a hybrid workforce, how leaders can reduce burnout in their staff and how to be trauma informed as a leader.

Diversity & Inclusion

Although this is a hot topic in workplaces, many employees and leaders do not have the tools necessary to improve inclusion in the workplace. The goal is for EVERYONE to feel more included and to celebrate hidden and visible forms of diversity. Our speakers have relevant lived experience paired with the latest science of how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Psychological Health and Safety

In much the same way that employers need to provide physical safety in the workplace, they also need to support psychological safety in the workplace. Psychological safety in the workplace means that employees and leaders feel it’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to disagree, and it’s okay to make mistakes. Our programs use evidence and science to help break this down into key performance behaviours for employees and leaders to improve psychological safety in the workplace.

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