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A better path for workplace conflict

Connect. Engage. Overcome.

We all want to move beyond conflict to a place of resolution and understanding, where the disagreement is in the distant past and we can get back to work. Unfortunately, we can feel trapped in workplace disagreements. Too often, we get entangled in unproductive debates about who's right and who's wrong. We feel stuck in an alternate reality where facts don't seem to matter and with no way out! But there is a way out. What if you could get unstuck and refocused on workable solutions?

It is possible. And we are going to show you how.

Leadership: “the art of influencing and guiding people to take committed action to achieve a common goal, or shared purpose”

Recognize that leadership is not just an art. It is a process. A repeatable, learnable process.

Have you ever found yourself questioning your leadership capabilities? Are you ever frustrated that people just will not listen even though what you want them to do is straightforward, common sense and logical to you. No matter how nicely you tell them or how much sense you’re making, they refuse to follow and may even do things that undermine what you want accomplished.

What about dealing with people who drain your energy and resources? When dealing with these people, do you catch yourself thinking things like: “What is wrong with just getting along? Why can’t they understand that they are turning the workplace into a hostile environment? Things don’t have to be this way? What has happened to common sense?

Or perhaps, you’re in a position where you find yourself straddled between leading and being led. Managing expectations from your superiors while juggling a plethora of responsibilities can feel like an uphill battle.

The pressures can be overwhelming. Is this what leadership is all about? Is it even worth it? Is there a better way to handle this?

We say yes,
there is! 

At the core of our existence, we all yearn to be heard. From your boss to the person on the shop floor, when they feel heard, they are primed to listen and to consider your point of view.

Embrace the notion that leadership is not about control. It’s about understanding some fundamental truths. You cannot dictate people’s actions. Telling people what to do is not effective. A body of thirty years of research suggests that the “tell-sell, I am going to reason with you” approach to leadership does not work well and often backfires, leaving teams demotivated and even more resistant.

Remember that the key to influence isn’t persuasion, but rather, it’s listening. The key to influence is understanding what is important to all of us, including the people you lead. At the core of our existence, we all yearn to be heard.

Finally, leadership is about handing over responsibility. Your people are responsible for how they act and what they do. They are responsible for doing the work to achieve organizational goals. They are responsible for getting along. Your task as a leader is to make sure they are on track, that they have the necessary resources, and to hold them accountable for outcomes.

Here at our platform, we are committed to empowering you to lead effectively:

  • Discover how to adopt influence-based leadership, even when you’re the one being led

  • Learn strategies to regain control, manage overwhelming situations, and enhance resilience against burnout

  • Immerse yourself in a powerful, evidence-based process to foster values-based leadership, to inspire and influence toward achieving important organizational goals.

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