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Workplace Solutions

Custom solutions for lasting change.

Our customized workplace solutions involve evidence-based training and interventions that are tailored to the workplace or team.

The Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment (WPSA)

An evidence-based assessment tool designed to provide employers with an understanding of their employee’s current workplace experience.

We’ve partnered with Howatt HR Consulting to offer the Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment (WPSA). The WPSA is an evidence based way to assess psychological health and safety and inclusion in the workplace. The WPSA provides a personalized report for each employee on how they can invest in their mental fitness and an aggregated report for employers on what they can do to improve psychological health and safety in their workplace.

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Conflict Resolution Training

Connect. Engage. Overcome.

Focusing too much on resistance, fear, and anger can perpetuate negative emotions and situations within your team. By focusing on positive goals, solutions, and aspirations, organizations can inspire collaboration, and ultimately work towards a shared positive outcome for everyone. Our workplace conflict program will give you the tools to bring your team together.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training

Creating inclusion, one interaction at a time. For employees & for leaders.

We do DEI training differently. First, our training is built on science. Studies show that some DEI training actually results in greater avoidance rather than greater inclusion. Second, our training incorporates the science of behaviour change. Most training focuses on insight but insight does not necessarily lead to long-term behaviour change. We incorporate behaviour change so our training has a lasting impact. Attendees are provided with real-life applicable skills they an use in their everyday life. Third, our training is compassionate and inclusive. Guilt, shame and blame do not result in change. We work to ensure that DEI does not feel like a zero-sum game, all people should feel more included by the end of training. There are visible and invisible forms of diversity. Our training isn’t about “turning it on” if you think you’re interacting with someone who is different from you. It’s about creating inclusion, one interaction at a time and building authentic relationships – that is getting to know someone for who they are.  Even if you have tried DEI training in the past, our training will make a difference. With facilitators with lived experience, science-backed interventions, and compassion-focused work, we can make DEI training something that your leaders and employees value and use in their everyday lives.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

We’ll help your team move forward with positive lasting change.

Workplace conflict resolution

Our evidence-based process for conflict resolution focuses on helping teams restore psychological safety and move forward after conflict. We focus on building psychological flexibility, shared purpose, shift from right/wrong to a workability approach and build psychological safety. Our facilitators have decades of experience helping teams resolve conflict and move forward with more psychological safety for all. 

Trauma Informed Leadership for the workplace

Trauma is prevalent in our society.  Studies show that a large majority of the population has experienced trauma.  The National Council for Mental Well Being has found that at least 70% of Americans have been exposed to trauma.  Canadian research suggests that 76% of Canadian adults report being exposed to some form of trauma during their lifetime. In addition, COVID has been a source of trauma for many people.  From these numbers it would be difficult to imagine a workplace that does not have people affected by trauma.

People suffering from trauma can feel overwhelmed, unable to cope, unable to trust and unable to work effectively in a team.  Trauma informed leadership teaches leaders best practices for creating a workplace environment in which employees who have experienced trauma can feel safe and have a sense of control, so they can re-engage and return to productivity. All skills are evidence based, drawn from best practices in trauma informed care, leadership, and psychological safety. The skills are also informed by the legal duties and obligations of employers to employees suffering from trauma-related mental health challenges.

Workplace Restoration

Mitigate stress and harm and watch workplace productivity increase.

Workplace restoration is a process to get groups or teams back to productive work after they were disrupted by a significant incident or event. A change in leadership; a reorganization; a disruptive workplace investigation; bullying and harassment at work; and struggling with diversity and inclusion, are all examples of significant events that cause dysfunction.

The cost of workplace dysfunction is staggering. Before COVID, statistics from the Ontario Chambers of Commerce demonstrated that stress from workplace dysfunction cost the Canadian economy 50 billion dollars per year. On average, 500,000 workers missed work each week due to workplace stress.

Workplace restoration is a restorative process. It mitigates the stress and harm caused by significant events at work. Using the latest evidence-based behavioural science, our processes will give your teams and groups the best chances to return to productivity and rebuild trust.


Customised workplace solutions for your organization.

We provide comprehensive services to identify or diagnose the issues in the workplace and to provide real-life, sustainable solutions to the issues discovered. We provide evidence-based ways to assess problems and monitor change. We embed the science of behaviour change into all interventions to insure training has a lasting impact. Contact us for more details or for a free consultation.

Individualized Training

Professional growth for every team member.

Did you know that “coach” is not a protected term. Which means anyone can call themselves a coach without any credentials or training. We are different. Our experts are all licensed professionals who practice evidence based methods and have decades of experience. Our methods ensure that you’re not just gaining insight, you’re developing “mental muscles” so our training has a long term, sustained impact. We provide individualized training to support professional growth and development, remediation plans, and conflict resolution skills. We also provide individualized training to enhance inclusive behaviours in the workplace both for leaders and employees as well as BIPOC and female professionals.

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