Mr. Ronald E. Pizzo

Labour & Employment Lawyer

Mr. Ron Pizzo is a labour and employment lawyer. He is also a certified facilitator, mediator, and coach. Not solely confined to the traditional role of a lawyer, he expands his horizons as a facilitator, mediator, and coach. His investment in the ACT Prosocial Communication process underscores a commitment to methodical, evidence-driven solutions, aiming to rectify the pervasive issues of toxic workplace conflict. When avenues seem exhausted and discord persists, many find solace in seeking Ron’s judicious counsel to recalibrate and harmonize the workplace, to move beyond the conflict. His strategic advice and coaching, rooted in evidence and reason, has been the cornerstone in guiding leaders through intricate, often tumultuous situations. Since 2015, he has been recognized by his peers as being among the best labour and employment lawyers in Canada.